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Watch Sanjay Manjrekar Calls Out Road Safety Abusers In Mumbai. Watch Sanjay Manjrekar took to Twitter to post a video of some bikers abusing road safety laws in Mumbai. Sanjay Manjrekar took to Twitter to post a video of people abusing road safety.© BCCI Sanjay Manjrekar shared a video of people abusing road safety He also tagged Mumbai Police in the tweet With road safety a serious issue in India, former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar took to social media to spread awareness among his fans. The commentator posted a video of some bikers not following traffic rules in Mumbai. In the video, the bikers were on the wrong side of a one-way street. Manjrekar is known for his outspoken posts on social media, and is never shy from expressing his opinion. Sharing the video on Twitter, he captioned it as, "A wrong that we have sadly accepted as right in our city. @mumbaitraffic #RoadSafety #SaveLives". — Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) July 7, 2021 Recently Manjrekar also had a friendly exchange with Ravichandran Ashwin. Manjrekar had commented that he doesn't consider the off-spinner as an all-time great. He had tweeted, "All-time great' is the highest praise & acknowledgement given to a cricketer. Cricketers like Don Bradman, Sobers, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Virat etc are all time greats in my book. With due respect, Ashwin not quite there as an all-time great yet". Ashwin reacted to Manjrekar's comments with a meme from a Tamil film Aparachith. Listen to the latest songs , only on Manjrekar was a middle-order right-handed batsman for India, during his playing days. He could also play the role of a wicketkeeper, when needed.

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